GTA: San Andreas Downgrade Patch

Downgrades GTA San Andreas from version 2 to version 1


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  • Size 9.82 MB
  • Works under: Windows 7
  • Program available in English

The GTA San Andreas Downgrade Patch allows players of Grand Theft Auto to downgrade to the first version of the game.

Although most often players wish to improve upon their games and welcome new patches with which to obtain better game functions, fresh maps, and helpful updates, there are occasions when a downgrade patch is issued and just as warmly received. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas downgrade patch allows players who have the second version of GTA San Andreas to go back to the previous, or first version of the game.

Sometimes an original is better than its improved edition. If this is the case with GTA San Andreas, the downgrade patch can help. Using the GTA San Andreas downgrade patch will enable files to be restored from version 1 and also turn on modding ability for GTA San Andreas. The only bad part is that you will need to have Framework 1.0 or better set up on your Windows PC prior to downloading and installing the patch. As with any change to software or save files, backing up the important stuff is recommended.

The main reason to use the GTA San Andreas downgrade patch is for the more experienced and creative GTA player who enjoys modifying parts of the playing environment or game objects. For instance, with the version 1 of GTA San Andreas players can modify game files and do things like add vehicles, change maps, and more. Advanced players with a little extra computer experience will enjoy being able to change things around and try new options to see what works best for them. Sometimes game modifiers will change sound effects or sound tracks, colours, character names or types. It is a matter of experience and how far the original game software code goes.

This is not recommended for those players possessing only basic computer skills. For the fundamental player of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, the downgrade patch is a way to revert back to the first version of the game if that was the player's preference. The downgrade patch offers bonus items to those who choose to use it with GTA San Andreas. For instance, by applying the downgrade patch players will be able to attain 720p and 1080i screen resolutions while in the game. Fixes galore are included for the audio issues, as well as the dirty cars, game crashes, and even the dance game's timing problems.

GTA San Andreas players who had to give up the game when they upgraded to Windows 8 will be happy to learn that it is now available for that operating system as well. Just as in the first versions of the game, the Windows 8 version offers new goodies. For instance, it still takes 20-30 hours of game time to get all the way through GTA San Andreas. Now players can customise character appearance along with accessories and there is a line of 240 cars which players can pick from. Some cars include bicycles, fighter jets, and speed boats.

Rockstar, the game's designer, went all out with their latest release of GTA San Andreas, including lots of bonus games and side missions, and the ability to go a bit freestyle in search of things to smash into or blow up as stress relief. The graphics, however, are as in the original, although some work was done with colour, shadows, character models and drawing distances. There are 861 voice actors in GTA San Andreas, many of whom will be instantly recognisable.


  • Modding ability
  • Restore version 1 files


  • Needs framework installed (can be a large install)
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